Name: Ariston Titus Tweedy

Birthday: October 27, 2003

Interests: Reading, drawing, sports, iPod Touch, birds, bossing (not just Silas) and anything to do with Star Wars

If I were an animal, I’d be a: Dolphin or a Monkey

I Like Animals: I’m studying animals right now and I really like birds.  I have an annual pass to the zoo and go a lot.  I particularly like cardinals.


My favorite phrases

Copyate -to copy words or images  onto my paper

Gooey cake- something Katie taught me

Zaabaadee- what I always say to Silas to make him laugh


My funny quotes

“Ouch, Silas just punched me in my tests!”

“A hotdog is easier to eat than a mistake (steak).”

“I attackled him (Silas). . .now he’s attackling me!”

“Mommy, you know what’s boring?  When daddy reads (articles on the internet) and I watch (he wants to watch video’s).”

When we tell him to do something and he says, “That’s a really good idea.”

After he’s made us laugh, he says, “You should write that down because that’s funny.”  Now, he say, “Daddy, you should tweet that.”

“I like animals, I saw some at the kazoo.”

“This road sure has a lot of speed bumps.” (While traveling on a typical Hungarian road full of potholes.)

“I give mommy flowers from the yard because she’s so pretty.”

“Daddy, that picture of you guys looks really good because mommy is in it and she’s beautiful.  Her long hair makes her look really pretty.”

“I like Cheddar (Federer) better than Deuce (Nadal).” After watching Wimbledon, this is what he thought their names were.


My favorite songs

Eye of the Tiger

Under the Bridge

There’s a Party in My Tummy

Life is a highway

This is the Day

Mighty to Save